Learn Step By Step Salat via Free Android App



Learn Step By Step Salat via Free Android App

you are one of those who wants to make sure that each and every step of
you Salat will be according to Quran and Sunnah or if you are beginner
and wanted to learn Salat from scratch than all you need is an Android
smartphone. Just download the app created by Quran Reading
website from the link mention below and no matter if you are kid start
learning Salat right from the beginning. This app can be a good way for
non Muslims to find out what Muslims pray in Namaz and also for those
who have totally forgotten the Namaz steps but ashamed to ask some one
about it.

App Usage

The good thing about this app is that it provides the English
translation of the Arabic text in both audio and video which means you
can easily understand the Salat steps. Also it comes with a Global
Prayer Timer feature so that you can know the exact prayer timing as
well as the sunrise and sunset timings. What if you don’t know the exact
number of Rakats of each Namaz, well first download Step By Step Salat Andriod app from this link open the app in your smartphone after that it will tell you the exact number of Rakats.